Smoking Tea | Herbal Blends | Tobacco Substitute

Smoking Tea | Herbal Blends | Tobacco Substitute

In the last days, I'm getting a lot of questions about smoking tea. The last articles were all about smokable herbs that possible to blend with your cannabis instead of the addictive tobacco. So, lots of people wondering if green tea or any other tea possible to blend with other smokable herbs to make your own herbal blend.

After investigating the subject, by reading, asking, trying. I'm happy to share this knowledge with you.

smoking black tea

People may smoke tea for health benefits, to help quit smoking, or to get a caffeine boost.


So why to smoke tea and how to smoke tea?

Why smoke tea? - Tea has benefits whether you smoke it or drink it. The first and maybe the most important benefit of smoking tea that’s it help quit tobacco cigarette addiction. The second benefit of smoking tea it's that tea cigarettes don’t contain nicotine (the chemical compound that makes normal cigarettes addictive) it’s generally not considered to be addictive.

How to smoke tea? – All you need its dry tea leaves or tea bags from them you can make your tea cigarette. The process is the same as with usual homemade cigarettes – take tea leaves and roll it with the help of rolling paper into cigarettes. For beginners I recommend to mix tea leaves with some other herbs (marshmallow, white sage, lavender, raspberry, chamomile ) to make the blend smoother, also you should chop off the tea to make it easier to roll.

loose tea to smoke

Green tea’s compounds — L-theanine, catechins, and more — are properly absorbed when smoked.

Teas which you can smoke:

Smoking Earl grey tea smoke is smooth but heavy. You can compare it to pipe tobacco. There is a feeling of the numb tongue and aromatic aftertaste.

Smoking Green tea gives you mild relaxation and thanks to caffeine works as a mild pain reliever.

Smoking Black Tea smoking is more tobacco-like, as it is a bit harsh, whilst green tea tastes like herb. It’s pretty logical as IT IS a herb. Firstly, it is hard on the lungs, but if this kind of tea is more preferable for you, there is the opportunity to get used to it.

There is a difference between smoking teabag or smoking loose tea:

Smoking “loose tea” means tea that’s primarily made up of whole, unbroken leaves.

Smoking Teabags are usually made from the opposite – low tea grades, such as dust and fannings.

So what is the best tea to smoke?

It’s a question of taste, it's like to ask who you love more father or mother, for every occasion different answer will come. For me the best tea cigarette it’s a green tea cigarette with some other smokable herbs for some aroma and unique flavour, those I love to smoke during the day to get some calm in the middle of a stressful day. Chamomile tea cigarette I prefer to smoke before sleep, chamomile has the ability to enhance the ability to sleep whether consumed as a tea or a cigarette.

green tea to smoke with cannabis

Benefits of drinking green tea include immune system support, improved brain function, improved dental health. 


If you're wondering what to smoke "loose tea" or tea bags, so Loose tea is pricier, but you are going to let the smoke in your lungs. So, first things first – quality as we talk about our health. You don’t want to smoke dust and low-quality leaves, even if it is about the economy. The answer to the question ‘can you smoke green tea?’ is ‘Yes’ if you prefer loose tea in the tins.

Effects of smoking tea

Smoking tea gives you an exotic and relaxed feeling. By smoking Chinese green tea or Darjeeling tea you`ll get a slightly bitter flavour if you interested to make the taste smoother and more delicate you should smoke jasmine or lavender tea.  

Smoking tea gives you relaxation, helps to calm your nerves down.


Another question that bothers many: What is high tea? Can tea get you high?

So what is high tea? - Catechins. These are the antioxidants in tea. Catechins are one of the main reasons you might feel high after drinking tea.

Some people compare feeling tea drunk to a strong caffeine buzz. This can include positive and euphoric feelings or negative side effects like shakiness, nausea and other unpleasant sensations. So yes, if you will drink very strong tea or smoke it the whole day you'll feel some euphoric feelings.

cannabis tea

Marijuana tea is a soothing drink that provides you  a calming high that is perfect for pain or stress relief.


Tea benefits

Improved memory and focus. The leaves of green tea contain L-theanine with caffeine that leads to lowering of deterioration of all mental functions such as concentration and memory abilities

Good replacement for cigarettes with nicotine. I don’t insist on perceiving this type of smoking as a good way of substitution of your cigarettes, as there is no confirmed information by scientists about this curable effect. But people say what they say. A lot of them insist on smoking green tea as a good manoeuvre to avoid smoking cigarettes and nicotine as well.

Lowered anxiety. L-theanine affects neurotransmitter receptors and it helps to lower the level of a person’s anxiety and nervousness.


November 25, 2019 — Chiara Lanza