We live in the era of social media, fast communication, everything is displayed processed and discarded in a few seconds, life run fast and we must adapt to changing times.
And we at Mr. Ohm can't escape, and that's why we decided to give everyone the chance to share their passion for Mr.Ohm and why not make money too.
We are looking for boys and girls (18y-99y) who are bright and motivated, united by the same passion for our brand and for our products, who can collaborate with us through sharing on the main social media (the choice is yours) and earn 10% on every single order processed by mrohmshop.com

How to do it is very simple, register on https://mrohmshop.refersion.com  and you will receive your personal reference link to copy and paste into your posts, photos, videos that you share online.
In this way every time your link is used to access mrohmshop.com and in that session (up to 30 days) a payment order is completed, our system will process 10% in your favor.

We look forward to starting work and earning together.
Register at https://mrohmshop.refersion.com

Applicants must be at least 18 years old
A PayPall or Bank Account is required. Cash payments will never be made.

Thank you all