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MR.OHM - BERRY GELATO - HERBAL HEMP TEA - 3gr 100% Pure Hemp with TERPENE plus+


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The product containing Terpenes  Product suitable only for Cannabis consumers


(Terpenes can increase CBD and THC potency but not the amount)


Tantalizingly sweet, fruity notes are the first thing one notices when enjoying this stain. The initial, palpable berry taste is nicely rounded by nuanced pine and herbal tinges. Slightly more robust, and a bit tangier than conventional Gelato, Berry Gelato distinguishes itself with a more dessert-like aftertaste. Effectively heartening and extensively progressive, this blend fits nicely into any time slot, from morning routines to evening, pre-sleep rituals.

What's inside: 6 empty tea bags, 3g of loose hemp

 Dominant Terpenes:  Terpinolene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene 

THC Total: 0.14%

THC per Serving: 0.07%

Uplifting   Anti-Inflammatory  Pain Management

Suitable for infusion and much other use 😉

Content: disposable tea bags/fiber hemp*
Ingredient: fiber hemp *industrial fibre hemp
do not use during pregnancy and lactation